16 Jun 2017

Why I Treat My Blog like a Job

I have several blog goals, rules, and motivators. Remember the other day when I said I wanted to be more real (post here)? Here goes, I may have all these blog goals, but sometimes, more often than I want to admit. I get sick of blogging. Sick and tired of blogging. Like break, my fingers please sick of blogging. Hey, told you I was going to be more open with you.

You may be thinking – If you’re sick of it – quit. True, not going to argue with you on that one. I could quit. Easy peasy throw the towel in and quit. I don’t intend to quit, but just saying. Any and everything in life can become mundane or not so fun. I get sick of tons of things but I don’t quit.

I get sick of my full time job. Don’t see me quitting. Sometimes my husband gets on my nerves (rarely because he honestly is truly precious AND he doesn’t read my blog so I’m not just saying that) but, I don’t quit him. I get sick of everything at one point or another but I don’t quit. I ride the waves of life so to speak. My blog is a hobby but it has also become sort of a second job and I treat my blog like a job. I’ll tell you exactly why.

Anything you intend to grow takes work and work isn’t always fun

My blog may be a hobby but it has become sort of a second job. I treat my full time job with respect so the same applies to any other job I complete. Blog jobs can come in all forms, sort of like freelance work. I think of my blog along the same category of freelance work. I’m usually working with different brands, some on repeat, and some are new. The jobs are typically short projects such as reviews and tutorials. The work is always changing and I may not enjoy every project as much as I hoped. By treating my blog with respect I’m opening doors to new opportunities. I want my blog to grow, so I treat it with the same respect I give my full time career. Simply put – Anything you intend to grow takes work and work isn’t always fun. It may not always be fun, but the fun and not fun balance out.

My blog is a reflection of me as a person

That sounds cheesy I suppose, but it is true. My blog is a written and visual reflection of who I am as a person. When someone visits my blog, I want them to see a woman who has put time and thought into the layout, design, and content. I want them to know I am active on my blog and I care about the content I post.

The same applies to brands. When a potential brand, company, collab, job or whatever you want to call it contacts me, I want them to know who I am. My blog is a resume in a sense. It’s a visual resume of what I offer to a potential blog employer. Same principle here, respect the job and show up for work.

The Every Day Mix is an invaluable learning experience

I can’t tell you in one post all of the amazing things I have learned from blogging. Blogging has opened doors for me that may not have opened had I not started a blog. I’ve learned about everything from coding, CSS, WordPress, Blogger, SEO, to photography. I’ve learned about social engagement and how to present myself as an influencer. These are skills that have helped me in my career and with blogging. Even when I’m sick and tired of writing and typing posts I don’t quit. I’m learning information that will continue to lead me into new opportunities as long as I keep respecting the process and treating it with the respect of a true job.

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