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Your Blog is your Visual Resume

I recently posted about why I treat my blog like a job. First, let me say – I’m not claiming to know it all, I don’t think any of us know everything there is to know about blogging. There are some things I know about blogging that I feel very confident about though. I think as bloggers we need to remember that our blogs are a reflection of who we are as individuals. If you have a goal of working with brands and other bloggers there are some points to remember. Here are my thoughts and tips.

My blog is a visual reflection of me as a person

Simply put, The Every Day Mix is a visual reflection of who I am as a person. It is the visual first impression of me -Regina. When someone visits my blog, I want them to see a woman who has put time and thought into the layout, design, and content. I want them to know I am active on my blog and I care about the content I post. I also want to cut the junk so to speak. Meaning, I want my blog to be clear about what products and brands I represent. If you’re struggling to identify who and what your blog is about, I suggest doing this:

  1. Read my previous post about what it means to be an influencer. I talk about finding a niche, influence area, and the importance of being a real influencer.
  2. outline your goals as a blogger. I outlined some of my goals and the reasons I started blogging in this post. Sometimes it’s fun to just wing it and blog at full-speed but if you’re struggling to find your way I suggest slowing down. Slow down, outline your goals, find a niche if you’re getting lost in content, and most importantly – don’t overthink it. Overthinking will just make blogging awful and not fun.

My Blog is a visual resume

The same things I said about my blog showing who I am as a person applies to brands. When a potential brand, company, or collaboration contacts me, I want them to know who I am. My blog is a resume in a sense. It’s a visual resume of what I offer to a potential blog employer. I want a brand to know I work hard to make great content. Here are my thoughts and tips for a blog reusme:

  1. Make sure your blog showcases who you are and how hard you work.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your blog organized and clear? Are you displaying your content in a way that is reader friendly?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found a blog that is seriously so confusing I didn’t know where to start reading first. Sometimes I don’t even know what I’m reading due to the chaos of the layout. Evaluate your layout and make sure it makes sense to someone who doesn’t know your blog. Better yet, ask a friend who doesn’t read blogs. They give the best opinions.

  • How is your content? Are you giving it your all or just floating by?

Don’t slack on your content people. Make sure your content is more than – Hey, Happy Monday – and here are these awesome shoes I found on sale. I don’t want to sound mean, I know every post can’t be elaborate. I’m saying – try more than just floating by from sale to sale.

Your blog is the face and resume of who you are and what you offer. Remember to have fun but if you want growth you have to take it seriously as well. Of course there is a balance to having fun and working hard. The main point here is –  Respect the job and show up for work.


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