What Does it Mean to be an Influencer?

One of the things I’ve enjoyed most about blogging is how much I’ve learned along the way. I have an ongoing interest in social media from a business perspective. I’m fascinated with the power of social media and branding. Blogging has opened my mind and expanded my knowledge base in the areas of social media and branding tremendously. Blogging is not superficial, though it often has that reputation. There are many areas of social media and branding I could passionately write about but for the sake of length, I’m picking one. I’m discussing what it means to be an  – Influencer. 

What Does it Mean to be an Influencer?

As an influencer, you’re doing exactly what the word sounds like you’re doing. You’re influencing others in some form. The Dicotionarry.com definition is:

1) a person or thing that influences: The most powerful influencer of beliefs is direct experience. 

2) a person who has the power to influence many people, as through social media or traditional media.

Heck, even if you aren’t a blogger or vlogger you are still influencing. The truth is we are all influencers in some way or another. Our influence may be vocal and have a clear intent or, it may be a silent influence. Influence can happen in a ton of ways. As a social influencer, your main influence is through images, products, and opinions. With social influence, you’re bringing attention and awareness to a specific area, style, product, or brand. As influencers, we’re expressing what we love, like, hate, what worked, what didn’t work, etc. As influencers, our opinions are valuable and trusted.

What is Your Area of Influence?

So what area are you influencing? Do you have a niche? Are you great at some areas and not so great at others? Of course, we can’t be great at everything! My blog is based on two broad topics – Life & Style.

For me, my main blog influence areas are personal style and life topics. Choosing life and style as my influence areas is a safe and easy blog option. Why? Simple, I can categorize many topic areas under the broad Life & Style category.

For example, I Iove to write about many topics, some are personal and some are related to my personal style. Under the life category I write about topics that are usually free range creative expression. Under the Style category I express my personal style. I enjoy personal style more than I do major fashion topics. My personal style is composed of minimalist looks with vintage and luxury accents. I’m excellent with vintage, luxury, and pre-loved resale. The style category allows me to express my taste on both style and fashion along with some business aspects mixed in.

What are your Influence goals?

As I said before, as influencers our opinions are valuable and are often trusted. Our area of influence should be trustworthy and honest. When I started blogging I knew what I wanted and didn’t want to be in terms of my blogger image. I don’t want to be a sales-pitched blogger. I don’t want to use spammy content or only discuss topics that have a financial component attached. My approach to blogging is to change the world of blogging with one transparent post at a time.

My goal is to create content my readers can relate to and find valuable and useful. In summary, my goal is to be cut the crap that is often associated with blogging. With that said, I enjoy the business aspects of blogging and I network to monetize and expand my blog with brand collaborations and other bloggers. I do this with a clear direction of what I want my image and influence to be.

Photo credit: Nicole Honeywill

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