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Every Moment Has a Moon

Every Moment has a Moon. How beautiful is that? MoonGlow as a company is truly inspirational. I received this gorgeous necklace c/o of Moonglow and I could not be more in love with it.  It has gorgeous elements like the black Swarovski crystal at the bottom. I also love the vintage tone and feel of this necklace. Just the visuals of this piece hit me smack dab in the middle of my heart. It’s no secret I love vintage, antiques, and basically all things sentimental. Though the pieces from Moonglow aren’t vintage they have a great vintage look to them. Basically, I love every item they create.

The visuals of this piece blew me away but the meaning is what really sealed the deal. The moon in the middle is the moon phase of the moment you select. Neat huh? I selected my marriage anniversary. I’m not going to lie, I pulled every date I could think of out of my mind in a failed attempt for a full moon! ha! Being honest here. Seriously though, I’m so glad I selected my anniversary because my husband is the other half of me. He’s my heart, my life, and my best friend. Mushy stuff just happened right here people.

Any item on the site would make a gorgeous gift for a loved one or friend. I especially recommend the necklaces because I’ve worn mine every day since it arrived. Everyone has asked about it and assumed it was a vintage item I found thrifting. I’ve enjoyed telling everyone who has asked about the meaning of the moon. I’m telling you, this is a perfect gift or “I Love you” present.


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