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Rodial Facial Oil, Masks, and Instaglam Powder

Rodial Nude Eyeshadow Mini-Palette Rodial Nude Eyeshadow Mini-Palette

A few weeks ago I posted about the Nude Eyeshadow Mini-Palette  and Smokey Eye Pen c/o of Rodial. I’ve been using the mini-palette daily, and I love it. You can read that post here. This week I want to post about some other great Rodial products. Rodial offers high quality skin care, makeup, and body care products. Every aspect of the Rodial products I’ve tried so far has felt luxirous, from the packaging to the product descriptions.

Stemcell Super-food Facial Oil

The Stemcell Super-food facial oil is a concentrated antioxidant face oil that targets dehydrated skin and fine lines. Winter is harsh on skin, this face oil helps to restore hydration, reduce fine lines, and protect the skin. I love using a face oil on target areas of my skin where I need extra hydration or healing. I typically spot treat on acne marks, in between my eyes, and on my cheek areas.

Snake Mask

The Snake Mask is a unique all black peel-off mask that targets skin tone correction and skin impurities. I love to use a face mack once a week. My skin is very oily and using a mask once a week helps to keep my skin smooth and clear of blackheads.

Instaglam Banana Powder

This compact is super unique, the compact itself without the powder is impressive. When the compact is empty I may keep the compact for the mirror (no joke). Back to the powder, banana powder can be used to reduce redness, under eye circles, and to set makeup. it can also be used for contouring and to reduce oil.

Photo Credit: Liz Paveza / Misfit 29 / @thismisfitliz


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