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Rodial Lux Makeup and Skincare

Rodial Lux Makeup and Skincare

Hello Weekend! I’ve been super motivated this week and my to-do list is almost complete. There is such enjoyment in a complete task list. Ah, beautiful. My to-do list today is super easy, write and create. This is such a fun post for me because it is in collaboration with one of my favorite beauty brands. I’ve partnered with Rodial three times and each collaboration has left me with products that have been game changers in my beauty routine (previous posts here and here). For this collaboration, I received c/o of Rodial, The Smokey Eye Brush, Nude Eyeshadow Palette, Snake O2 Serum, Snake Mask and Dragon’s Blood Lip Mask.

The Perfect Smokey or Nude Eye Look

This is my second time reviewing this lovely eyeshadow palette (previous post here). I loved the first palette and wore it continually for weeks. The colors were running low and I was just about to order another palette and thy the eye brush. When I received the smokey eye brush I was so excited because I’ve been wanting to try the brush out since my first collaboration with Rodial. The Smokey Eye Brush is ideal for blending and smudging the colors into the perfect smokey or nude eye look. One of the reasons I like this palette is because the colors are so versatile. Each color in the palette can be blended in different ways. I’ve created very subtle nude looks and more dramatic dark looks. Seriously, this palette is awesome.

Lux Skincare

Rodial offers some of the most unique products and formulas I’ve every seen. I love the lux feel of the makeup and skincare products. Some of my favorite body skincare products are from Rodial or their sister company Nip+Fab. Completely off topic, go check out the BustFix Night creme. I’ve been using it for weeks and I love it. Back on topic, Rodial products are very high on my list of favorite beauty and skincare products. I love the wide selection of products that are based on common skincare concerns. Anti-aging and skin improving ingredients are high on my product wish-list. If you’re looking for some great makeup and skincare products go check Rodial out. I’m yet to be disappointed.


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